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Welcome to Profret.

The Home of Perth's Best Playing Guitars.

professional guitar setup = strength 5

mitch bowman profret tech = strength 5

guitar modification services = strength 4.5 

electric bass guitar setup perth = 5

acoustic guitar player setup perth = 5 

Profret is a Perth based guitar workshop, locally owned and run by a professional touring Guitar Technician - Mitch Bowman. With years of experience, you can trust you'll have your instrument playing how the pros have it.

We specialise in professional guitar setups as well as repairs and guitar modification to your instrument. We welcome everything - including Electric Bass guitar, Acoustic guitar, Banjos, ukuleles, EverTune, Floyd Rose Bridges, Floating Tremlo's, Multi-scale guitars, and 5+ string basses plus more!
We can also repair or custom build looms or cables for your rig.  With some of the most competitive rates, and an eye for detail. Why not check us out!

Profret Shop

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