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Alex Venetis


Took in my Esp horizon which had some fret buzz issues. Mitch diagnosed the problem straight away and gave the guitar a partial fret level and feels unbelievabe now. Thanks so much Mitch for your services and great communication throughout the whole process 👍

Ed Hill


Awesome, brought my Strat back from the 'dead' to playing like butter. Highly recommended, really nice people.



These guys are great.My two Strats realy needed some TLC have to hold my hands up I played about with them. But they are back to their former glory.Thank you so much.Will use again.Derek

Steve Blackwell

Band: True Grit

Recently had my ARTIST GUITARS LP59 serviced and set up which included fret dressing. Totally blown away at the difference after Mitch and his team bathed it in love...Highly recommend Profret for any and all guitar work.

Unhinged Vet

Unhinged Vet Band

This is the only place in WA to get the tech fix you need. Perfect modifications, setup and advice. We won’t go to anyone else in Perth and you shouldn’t either.

Tony Mitchell


I was very impressed and pleased with the work that Mitch performed on my Telecaster. As well as the full service he was able to correct a small problem with the nut and now it sounds better than when I first bought it. I used the pickup and delivery service which made the process very quick and easy. I would highly recommend Pro Fret!

Mark Johnston

Esperance Christian Family

I was recently in Perth for a few days and arranged for Mitch to service my 1977 Fender Mustang and my Maton EM225C. To say that I'm happy with the work is a massive understatement!!!! Both guitars were well overdue for maintenance and I couldn't be happier with the setup work.
If you play guitar or bass you need to see Mitch to see just how good your instruments can be - I will be back!!!!!


Rob Fleet

PRS hollowbody

Great service, exceeded expectations, would not hesitate to recommend to anyone wanting a quality service at a reasonable price. Plus, a nice guy to boot!

Bob Derschow


Awesome quality workmanship and a hell of a nice guy. Highly recommend Mitch for his knowledge and my guitars are far better off for it.

Seb Davies

Pot Plant House Party

Mitch takes incredible care with all of my instruments, making sure that they perform to the best of their ability. He often returns the guitar back feeling better than it ever did!



Very professional and and very approachable 5 stars!!! All the way!

Scott Stipkovich

Mitch reached out to me on Facebook after I posted about needing the setup adjusted on the Evertune bridge. He was more than happy to help, is super knowledgeable and is just an awesome guy. From now on I'll 100% be seeing Mitch whenever I need any work done on any of my guitars.


When Autumn Falls/Kastiell

Mitch of Profret is my go to guy when it comes to repairing and setting up my Guitars, you can never go wrong with the very detailed service.

Daniel Rees

High School Music Teacher

Mitch came to my school and performed maintenance on several guitars and basses. Not only was it convinient to have someone come to me while I am working but to do such a thorough job was a great bonus. Mitch is a great bloke and is flexible in helping facilitate your needs. I will be using him again in the near future.

Andy Szetho

Storm The Sky

My old band hired Mitch as our touring guitar tech a few years ago. He had a huge impact on not only our guitars, but our overall live production, which involved our live audio setup, our in-ear monitors, lighting rig, and our live visual effects. He went above and beyond being just a reliable and efficient guitar technician, using his lateral thinking and wealth of knowledge to solve a multitude of tech issues. We initially intended on hiring Mitch for one tour, but we ended up taking him on every tour we did for the next year or two before we disbanded. His expertise and agile nature made him invaluable to us, not to mention he is a legend and he still remains a close friend to everyone in our touring party. My guitars haven’t been the same since. I can’t recommend his services enough.


Vision Studios

When we need guitars and basses set up for our recording sessions we go straight to Mitch at ProFret

Reece Lenzo


Mitch is an absolute champion to work with! His professionalism and know-how is a life-saver! He brought life into my guitar right before playing a show with a slick re-string and clean. If you ever need someone to take care of your babies - Mitch is the man!

Ben Bates


Mitch was an absolute pleasure to deal with.
Dropped my guitars off for some TLC and a set-up and both came back playing better than new! Could not have been happier with the service he provides.

Josh Meyer

Those Who Dream

You will NEVER look back once you’ve worked with Mitch! I can’t count the amount of times he has come to the rescue with all of my bands stupid problems - we played a show a few years back where I fully snapped the neck off my guitar. That weekend he came over to my house with glue and a drill and within a few hours had the neck secured even stronger than it was before. Touring is stressful and tiring, but Mitch takes care of everything to ensure there’s no issues on the road or at the shows. He absolutely loves what he does and the quality of his work speaks for itself - he’s professional, has an incredible attention to detail and juggles all this while being the nicest guy in the world!
Leave your live gear and touring needs with the best in the business, best decision you’ll ever make.


Pot Plant House Party

Mitch did a complete rewire on my Fender Telecaster with new pickups and pots, along with a full service and new strings my guitar has never sounded better or been as easy to play! With affordable prices and being such a nice guy I would recommend him to anyone.

Cheers Mitch

Charlie Smith

Pot Plant House Party

Mitch raised my guitar back from the dead. It had never had a service before and it came back singing! Picked it up only a couple hrs after I dropped it off and recommended him straight to my friend. Mitch is the man for your needs!

Wilfredo Alexis Ramirez


PROFRET is THE one-stop shop for all of your instrument and touring needs. Mitch has helped my band on tour by making sure our instruments are in perfect condition each and every time we get on stage. His tour managing skills are also top-notch. He makes sure everything is working properly and doesn’t hesitate to run on stage if something doesn’t look/sound right. Mitch is professional, responsible and an overall great guy to have on the road with you. You absolutely can not go wrong with PROFRET and their services.

Yolanda Carstens

OtagoIT Website Design

Profret is a professional guitar company. I have loved working with Mitch. He really takes care and shows his clients how important it is to have a personal touch with the instruments he repairs. I would recommend Profret to any school or individual for their guitar needs.

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