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Guitar Services

1.  Fret Level
From $150 

-Level frets are key to having a guitar play great.
- For frets with string wear or uneven frets that cause string buzz or dead notes.

- Great way to give your guitar a birthday or to iron out any fretting issues.


2.  Fret End Dressing. 
 From $100 (+GST)

- Weather changes can affect your fret board and cause it to expand and shrink. In dry weather the fretboard will shrink causing Fret Sprout - Which is where the fret ends sprout out the end of the fret board causing sharp ends and uncomfortable playing.
- We dress these ends and file, sand and polish these to become smooth again.


5.  Refrets 
 Contact for Quotes 

- Partial or Full guitar refrets.

- We supply Nickel and Stainless Steel fret wire

3. Profret Custom Cables / Pedal Board Setups
Prices Vary, contact us for a Quote

- Instrument, patch, XLR. Any lengths, Carne Cable, Neutrik Connectors 

+GST on all prices

Fret leveling
fret leveling
fret crowning
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