Guitar Setups

1.   Guitar Restring 
for floating/ locking tremolo & 12 String guitars

2.  Complete Setup and Service
$90 + Strings 
$110 for Floating / locking brides & 12 string guitars.

- Includes Intonation set, String height adjustment, Truss rod adjustment, full fretboard clean and condition, fret wire clean & polish, nut height set, pickup height set, all electronics cleaned, hardware tightened, Nut and bridge lubricated, Guitar Clean and polish.

3.  Evertune Setup
See MODIFICATIONS for install prices
$95 + Strings 

4.  Same Day Rush Setup
$120 + Strings 
$150 (Floating /12 string Guitar)
- If you have a show tonight and didn't get a chance to have your guitar setup or you need an urgent job. Our Same day Rush will put you priority 1 and we'll get it back in your hands while you wait.

* $55 Shop min Bench fee
+GST on all prices
trust rod adjustment