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1.  Pick-up Installation
+$15 p/additional pickup
- Direct pickup install, no changes to existing wiring or controls.
2.  Complete electronic re-wire
starting from $70
$90 for hollow-bodied Guitar 

- if you want to change the way your controls operate.
or are wanting a new wiring harness made/
3.  Nut replacement

- Chat to us about whats best for you needs.
-We can supply Bone and Graphite nuts
4. Hardware install or replacement
From $35

- Tuners, strap, pots, output jacks, bridges, switches & controls

5. Guitar Body Routing
 from $110

- We can offer clean and professional body routing, Whether that be for tremolo installs, pickup cavities, Control cavities, Neck pockets and more. Email for more info!

6. Evertune Bridge install
 From $395 
Includes routing of the guitar body, templates, and fitment.
*Bridge supply and Setup is additional.
ail us to chat about what will work for you.


* $65 Bench fee
+GST inc all prices
electronic rewire
pickup sheilding
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